The Deeper Meaning of the Word “Coagula” Connects to Alchemy and Occult Science

September 21, 2021


Welcome back to Glamour Magick Beauty where I discuss astrology, beauty and esoterica. Today I’m going to talk about Jordan Peele’s debut film, Get Out. A certified classic, the film effortlessly blends comedy and horror together to discuss the taboo of interracial dating and white supremacy‘s connection to occult science.

For those who haven’t seen Get Out and as a refresher for those who have– Rose and Chris are an interracial couple that have a hell of a time when they attend an event Rose’s father is hosting.

At some point in the film, Chris is held captive and forced to watch a “Behold the Coagula” commercial. It explains how the Armitage’s have essentially perpetuated slavery in a more technologically advanced fashion. The Armitage’s merge Black people’s physical essence with white consciousness to create a By-product. This By-product is referred to an “alchemical marriage” in alchemy and occult science.

But how did I make that connection? Not too long ago when I was studying Knights Templar, Canaanites and fertility cults, I came across the word “coagula”, which made think of the movie Get Out. You can find the words “Solve et Coagula” written on the Baphomet’s arms (I spared y’all the scary photo). Latin for “dissolve and coagulate”, or rather break down and mix/blend/join into “alchemical marriage”. Anyone who knows about Baphomet is aware that anything relate to this energy is dark and satanic.

In Get Out, Rose’s family are in a secret society or a cult that energy harvests Black people. The Armitage’s are also using Rose to practice sex magic on her victims. Knowing what I know about the occult, the Armitage’s are generational Saturn and Satan worshippers. Sex magic and blood sacrifice is practiced all throughout occult science as it involves creation and the merging of energies.

The Baphomet or Father of Satanism also adheres to the idea of, “As Above, So Below”. While there is truth to this theory, when applied to Satanism it leaves the seed of creation corrupted. When Chris finally discovers Rose’s dirty secret, it’s revealed that Rose has destroyed several other Black people. We only get to see the result of 3 of them: Andre Logan, Georgina and Walter but only God knows the fate of the others. It’s dark magic like this that kept slavery going on for so long.

Rose eating the milk and the cereal was also a ritual that represented her Satanic beliefs of “solve et coagula” and “as above so below”.

Other media such as HBO’s Lovecraft Country talks more about magic and racism. See my podcast episodes about the book Delectable negro which speaks about the way in which black people’s energy was physically and spiritually harvested throughout slavery. The sad thing is that Black people are still harvested today. Tune into the Glamour Magick Beauty podcast to hear more on esoteric topics like this! Love y’all…

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