Glamour Magick for Clearing Up Fungal Acne


Welcome back to Glamour Magick Beauty. For a person struggling with mylessia folliculitis or fungal acne, Glamour Magick is a great way to restore your skin’s beauty. Effecrive products are important but intention is the magic that makes miracles happen. If you’re suffering from body acne or fungal acne, here’s some things that helped me…

In my journey to clear up my fungal acne I first tried sulfur soap and a Selenium Sulfide dandruff shampoo. The shampoo didn’t help much and the sulfur soap worked but it dried out my skin to the point of the skin peeling and feeling and looking wrinkly. Also, my breakout returned even after going through three bars of soap. The 2% Pyrithione Zinc soap works just as good if not even better and while using it everyday can be a bit drying, it’s less harsh than the sulfur soap. The Zinc Therapy also has a milder scent but the sulfur is significantly cheaper and more accessible. I had to order the Zinc soap from Amazon but I found the Sulfur at my local grocer for less than $2 (inflation made it go from $1.12 to $1.72).

The Kojic acid soap is awesome for evening skin tone so I’d recommend alternating back and forth between this and either Zinc or Sulfur soap to brighten and even out the skin since any form of acne can leave scarring especially for ethnic skin. Alternating will also help to prevent drying your skin out too much.

I picked up this Dr. Bronner’s Tea Tree soap around the same time I did the Zinc so most of my skin was clear but I still had lingering troubles. This cleanser is slightly drying but still gentle and can be even used on sensitive parts since the cooling effect is quite mild. This and the Zinc soap have cancelled my itching and restored peace to my skin.

The ultimate multi-purpose product, 91% rubbing alcohol is one of the first products you should grab when trying to beat any kind of acne. This stuff kills bacteria which clears up pimples itchiness. Douse your active acne in this post shower follow up with tea tree oil and/or a light layer of sulfur ointment to prevent your skin from drying out.

While I have some gripes with the sulfur soap, the sulfur ointment is creamy gold (literally, it’s yellow). Like the soap it dries out the skin so I highly advise to use this sparingly because too much can dry out the skin to the point it cracks (this happened to me). This acne treatment is as strong as it claims to be as I have successfully cleared pimples and dark skin spots off my face and body with it. It’s slightly gritty in texture so again, too much can make you feel itchy (in my experience).

Another fungus killer is tea tree oil. These pads are effective for the face and body, cheaper than the oil itself and provide unmatched convenience. However, whether you use the pads or the oil, tea tree is the form of moisturizer one should follow up with after cleansing when they are trying to beat fungal acne.

Let me know in the comments if you try any of these remedies with success. Tap into the Glamour Magick Beauty podcast til next time.

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