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Welcome back to Glamour Magick Beauty. Before I begin let me introduce Jelani Day. Day was a grad student at Illinois State University who went missing back in August. While his body has been found and a cause of death has been reported, myself and the rest of the public know something just ain’t right about this situation. My deepest condolences are with Jelani Day’s mother, Carmen Day and the rest of his family. I believe his murder has some occult ties so stick around for a surface level and spiritual breakdown of his disappearance…

On the Surface

The Timeline

Let’s start by dialing back to the night before Jelani’s fate and the last time he was heard from, August 23rd. According to his professor Cara Boester, the two were texting about schoolwork related matters. They agreed to meet the next morning at what Cara says was supposed to be 7:45AM for office hours but Jelani never showed up which was unlike him.

Things start to get tricky on the day of his disappearance, August 24th. A peculiar morning indeed, Jelani was on campus and dressed to meet with his professor. In fact he logged into a campus computer at 6:50 AM. He eventually made his way to Starbucks but they don’t open til 7:30 AM. So what happened between 6:50 and 7:30 and what happened after? What time did he go to Starbucks and what time did he leave? He went home to change clothes that morning because the meeting clothes were found in his apartment and the next time we see him that day his outfit is different.

After changing into something more casual, he stopped by the Beyond / Hello dispensary where he was seen last. He used his debit card for Starbucks but used cash at the dispensary. From my understanding he used cash because most dispensaries don’t take debit and credit.

Jelani’s last cell phone ping was at 9:20 AM on this day. So what happened to him and the phone after he left the dispensary? I believe he was taken shortly after he left because he would’ve most likely needed his GPS to end up where his car was found, Peru, Illinois. And let’s say Jelani knew how to get to Peru sans GPS, who’s really driving with they phone off? Jelani would’ve used his phone for at least the bluetooth or the aux plug so he could jam to some music because who’s really listening to radio these days?

His professor Cara reported him missing August 25th

Jelani’s car was found in a wooded area about an hour outside of Normal, Illinois (ISU’s campus location) in Peru on August 26th. What’s important to note here is that the car tags were missing. That’s when I immediately knew this wasn’t whoever hurt Jelani’s first time at the rodeo. His harming was premeditated and carefully planned because the Attacker remembered to have a screw driver on hand specifically for tag removal. But…who found the car?

Someone turned in Jelani’s wallet on September 2nd but who? This mystery person claims they saw someone wearing red drop the wallet but who? It’s obvious people’s identities are intentionally being kept concealed.

Jelani’s mom, Carmen gave a speech at ISU on September 3rd asking students to come forward with any information they may have. After said speech, police received an anonymous tip leading them to the Illinois River. Who gave the tip? How did they know where Jelani’s body would be? It’s clear the murderer is someone that’s at least affiliated with ISU for them to know so much. It’s looking like the murderer was in the room during Carmen’s speech…

September 4th his body was found but he was found naked. The casual clothes he had on the last time he was seen was in the trunk of the car which just confirms my theory that he was snatched, his phone was taken and turned off (the sim card if not the entire phone was probably destroyed) and his Attacker drove him to Peru.

The situation gets even muddier when a school lanyard was found not too far from the River. Is it Jelani’s lanyard or another student’s lanyard? If it wasn’t Jelani’s it further proves that the Attacker is affiliated with ISU.

Fast forward to September 22nd when two ISU girls who were supposedly conducting their own investigation just happened to find his clothing about a mile from where Jelani’s body was found. But who are these students? How did they know where to look? Why are students finding things the cops aren’t?

I believe either the Attacker(s) went back to the scene of the crime to further distort evidence or the evidence was strategically placed to begin with. Something sinister is going on at the ISU campus and students are being protected by the police. The fact that no one publicly spoke out is giving vow of silence vibes…

As of October 26th his death has been ruled a drowning which is frankly, pure bullshit because his mother Carmen informed us Jelani could swim…so well that he was on the swim team.

SuspectsIt’s a lot of lies being told and I’m simply not here for it

Prime Suspect: Professor Cara Hammond Boester (her information is available online)

I don’t believe Cara’s story that Jelani missed her office hours that morning because he was already dressed and on campus and therefore had no reason to. Cara reached out to Carmen and reported him missing. She then proceeded to reach out to the police to conduct a wellness check. The level of immediate concern in Cara’s behavior leads me to believe she was guilty and trying to deflect the attention off herself. She also lied about him missing office hours to throw off the timing of things.

When I did research into who reported Jelani missing, some sources say Carmen did. I believe that misinformation is being put out on purpose to protect Cara. I’m going to need the police to go through Cara’s phone records to see what the conversation between her and Jelani was really about because the fact that she was texting a student past 9PM is a problem. Did Jelani and Cara have a romantic affair and her husband Rodney found out? When I saw a video of Cara speaking to the media about Jelani’s disappearance she kept looking around which lets me know Cara is guilty. She claims she needed Jelani to do something for her but what? Buy weed? If so she probably directed him to use cash so the transaction couldn’t be traced

Rodney Boester (his information is available online)

Even more interesting is that Cara’s husband, Rodney Boester is the Township Highway Road Commissioner over in McLean County. Thank you to Livin My life Jai on Youtube for this information! He’s probably the person who snatched Jelani after his trip to the dispensary because Cara was still busy at ISU teaching classes. Furthermore, if Rodney is a highway commissioner then he definitely has friends in powerful places which leads me into my next suspects…

Could it be a cop? I never believed it was but it could very well be as it’s obvious that whoever killed Jelani has a very high level of expertise with these types of crimes. The Bloomington and Peru Police Departments have been instrumental in maintaining the shroud of mystery surrounding Jelani’s death by withholding information from his family and the public and just flat out lying about the facts of his case. They are very obviously protecting someone.

Greek Life & Other Students

Sororities and fraternities are great for gaining connections that can take you places but they (in my opinion) are ways that young adults can gain entry into the occult world. Vows of secrecy, initiation rituals and blood sacrifice runs deep in Greek life. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone in his frat was involved but if they were, they were just one piece of the puzzle.


From my understanding Peru, Illinois is a Sundown town with a population that’s overwhelmingly white. Illinois in general is a place that has a long history of not favoring those of melanated complexion too much. As I look back at Cara and Rodney they are white. I wonder if they have a connection to Peru? The way Black people die and go missing in Illinois is truly alarming. Misha Green’s show on HBO, ‘Lovecraft Country’ brings attention to the longtime abduction and experimentation on Black people in Illinois.

For More Information

Youtube is your best friend for more information about Jelani’s murder and the disappearance of other black people in general. Specifically, 54 keys on YouTube has several very detailed videos with great breakdowns of this situation. Shout out to her because I’ve been watching her videos about Jelani’s death and I couldn’t have made this article without her content.

Esoteric Breakdown

Have Mercy

Now I know I’m about to blow your mind here, but I need you to stick with me. Recording artist Chloe Bailey’s, “Have Mercy” music video has a direct correlation to what happened to Jelani Day. Let me go ahead and break it down before y’all call me crazy.

First, let’s get into the etymology of the song’s title, “Have Mercy”. One would only ask for mercy if they’ve done something that they’re going to need forgiveness for.

The setting of the video is a college campus and it opens up with Chloe sitting on top of a school building as if she’s watching like a hawk for prey.

Something sinister is going on at the fictional campus just like at ISU and both have a wicked woman walking around.

What you probably missed and need to be privy to, is that Chloe spends a good portion of the video inside what is supposed to be a vagina.

This is because Chloe in this video is a succubus, or a female sex demon. Succubi use sex, or the power of the P to lure men in, harvest their energy and then kill them.

To make matters worse, Beyaki’s mama Tina is in a car flipping through a newspaper. As you can see in the pics below, the newspaper shows a series of missing young men. It appears as if she’s overlooking and watching Chloe like a handler. It’s widely known that Tina has been in the music industry for quite some time and is very high ranking among the elite members of the occult.

The video’s Love Interest is a frat boy who’s apart of a frat that just so happens to have the same colors as Jelani’s. The young man also has a similar haircut and is handsome and brown just like Jelani as well. Coincidence? I think the f*ck not! A woman was definitely involved in Jelani’s murder just like in the video.

After Chloe successfully lures her video Boo into a maze, she commences to do a dancing ritual that allows the demon we know as, Sasha Fierce to enter her body. After her possession, the deed has been done and the Love Interest is fully turned to stone.

Now Chloe stated out of her own mouth in an interview that the original video was filmed a while back but was reshot. She spent a bunch of label money redoing the video for a reason.

So was Jelani Day a sacrifice? Asbolutely. Check out Chloe’s debut at #1 on the R&B digital sales chart.

Jelani’s body was found in water on September 4th, the same day as Chloe’s Mentor’s birthday. Said mentor who is a self proclaimed lover of the sea spent several weeks on a boat to celebrate her big 40. See the water connection? Could this have something to do with maritime law?

I’m sure some of y’all will chalk all this up to me being a corny hater on my “Illuminati mess” but not everyone can tell the same lie about you and I stand on that. PeriodT!

Other Small Details

-The Starbucks logo is the siren/mermaid and Chloe and Halle refer to their fans as, “sirens” and again Jelani was found in water. While some of y’all may find that insignificant, this is an occult breakdown so I need y’all to think outside the box.

-Jack Dorsey is also friends with people over in Carter land, I’ve noticed search results showing up on Google that you can’t find on Twitter. It’s clear that particular searches are starting to be censored on the Dirty Bird (Twitter, teehee).

Harvesting Season

In case you didn’t know Fall time, especially October is harvesting season. There’s more people missing right now than usual that the media isn’t covering and for a reason. I urge my fellow Black people in particular to stay extra woke and extra safe out there.

My Theory

I believe Jelani was Chloe’s sacrifice for success and that Rodney Boester killed Jelani Day in a crime of passion and then sold his organs to the elites.

May Jelani rest in peace as he was an accomplished young man gone too soon. Unfortunately, the public is doing more for Jelani than the police. The truth surrounding his death is just as mysterious as it is heartbreaking so I am honored to be apart of the community who are bringing attention to his situation and demanding justice for this young man and his family.

Drop down in the comments below and let me know what y’all think. Thousands of people go missing every year because sex trafficking and organ harvesting is real. I have several episodes about this on the Glamour Magick Beauty podcast. Tap into the Mars Madness episode where I discuss Jelani’s disappearance til next time…

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  1.  Avatar

    I thought that they needed to revisit that professor. No professor is texting a 25 year old man after nine o’clock at night.
    Too strange!
    It definitely is a revenge killing! Someone didn’t want to leave any evidence behind.
    Stripped Jim of all him clothes to humiliate him!

    1. glamourmagickbeauty Avatar

      Cara and her husband are super guilty because she’s changed all her info on social media since the publishing of this article!!!! But all the departments are in on it too because none of them will call me back. This is a crime of passion and definitely organ harvesting. Very sad

  2. Pamela Y Brown Avatar
    Pamela Y Brown

    I totally agree with everything y said regarding the professor and her husband, I shared this same info on 54 keys site

    1. glamourmagickbeauty Avatar

      Yes Cara and Rodney are suspicious as hell

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