Lovecraft Country “Whitey’s on the Moon” Review 

Shout out to Misha Green for exposing the Freemason’s, this was an awesome episode. She confirms my theories about Creation Theory–the woman came first

Lovecraft Country Episode 1 Sundown Review

Chicago native Atticus just received a letter from his father about a birth right he’s entitled to. His Uncle George and friend Letty join him on the journey

American Horror Story Death Valley Ep 10 Review

American Horror Story Death Valley episode 10 shows Nixon, as President but he eventually resigns and let’s Henry Ford–who we find out is a reptilian–takes over. Thor has plenty of plans to keep the public distracted from the government’s malice.

American Horror Story Double Feature Finale Review

American Horror Story Double Feauture just ended and I’m just as underwhelmed as I am disappointed. Gather ‘round for a recap and Theories


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