MTV VMAs ’22 Review: Nicki, the Metaverse and More

get into the Glamour Magick Beauty MTV VMAs review. From Nicki Minaj getting the Vanguard award to seasoned and novice acts performing, I’ve got some opinions

‘Nope’ is Another Film that Leaves Loose Ends

Jordan Peele’s ‘Nope’ was released in theaters July 22nd 2022. I thought ‘Nope’ was pretty good but I felt the ending could’ve been better.

Beyoncé’s ‘Renaissance Act 1’ is Giving ‘Euphoria’ Music

Myself and others were excited to hear Beyoncé was returning to the scene with a new album. However, critic and fan reviews have been mixed.

Cardi B Hot Shit Occult Symbolism Decode

Cardi B’s “Hot Shit” is garbage and the video is boring but full of occult symbolism. black goo, holographs, and a depopulated metropolis


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